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Wallace Chevrolet Fleet Program Guidelines

  • GM Fleet vehicles and services can keep your company on the road and in control of your bottom line. GM Fleet vehicles consistently rank among the leaders in resale value and safety. This, in combination with GM's extensive vehicle support programs and initiatives, makes GM Fleet vehicles the leading choice for fleets throughout North America.
  • A customer is considered a "Fleet Commercial Customer" if they:
  • Have been assigned a Fleet Account Number or
  • Would qualify for a Fleet Account Number
  • Fleet customers approved for the Competitive Assistance Program (CAP) are eligible for the greater of the Fleet Program incentives or the approved CA allowance.
  • Dealers are required to pass on the total incentive amount received to Fleet customers.
  • All eligible vehicles delivered under this program must be licensed, titled and retained for use in Canada for not less than six (6) months and accumulate at least 12,000 kilometres, by the first eligible Fleet customer who takes delivery of the vehicle.
  • Fleet customers certify, as part of their program enrollment, that no vehicles purchased under the Fleet program are being purchased, directly or indirectly, for export, sale or use outside of Canada.
  • Vehicles that do not meet all program requirements are ineligible.
  • Please direct any questions of clarification to the Fleet Command Centre, toll free at (800) 866-0313.

It's Easy to Qualify and Apply

Joining the fleet of satisfied GM Fleet customers is a simple process. Once you've qualified and applied, you become eligible to receive a Fleet Account Number (FAN) which allows you to take advantage of a variety of special Fleet program allowances on eligible GM vehicles.

How To Apply

If your company has five (5) or more registered, fully licensed and titled vehicles in service, or if you're planning to buy at least three (3) unused GM vehicles at one time for company use, you may qualify for substantial savings.


Here are a few reasons to consider this program:

  • Flexibility to choose - Not only is there a wide selection of eligible Chevrolet, Buick and GMC vehicles to choose from, the program is designed to give you the greatest flexibility by providing valuable upfit options.
  • Solutions designed for you - Each option available offers a solution to improve business efficiencies and aid you in the cost of vehicle ownership.
  • More savings for you - You can combine the Business Choice program with other GM incentives for additional savings.*
  • Outstanding partners - Business Choice has a history of being one of the strongest programs of its kind in the industry and features excellent partner relationships with Adrian Steel®, Vanteriors and GM Accessories.
  • Ease of use - As a qualified Fleet customer, purchase an eligible model during the program period and simply pick the available option that suits your needs. It's that easy!