Finance a Vehicle

Finance your Car, Truck, or SUV

What is Vehicle Financing?

When you finance a new or used car, you pay a lender a negotiated rate plus a finance charge during a finite period of time. With financing, the loan includes the total cost of the vehicle and there is no limit on the number of kilometers you drive. The loan has an interest rate that is determined by the financial lending institution and your monthly payments include all taxes and fees.

What are the Benefits of Financing a Vehicle?

Buying a vehicle has many distinct advantages that make financing an attractive option. These benefits include:

  • Pride of Ownership: As you make your monthly loan payments, you will be working toward ownership of your vehicle. Once you’ve met your loan terms and made all required payments, you own the vehicle free and clear after your financial obligations are met. It will be yours to keep or trade-in on your next vehicle.
  • Flexibility: Buying your car means you can easily sell the car whenever you so choose.
  • Freedom: When you buy a car, you are free from limitations on wear and tear of your vehicle, as well as restrictions on kilometrage. So, if you have a long commute or do a lot of driving in general, buying is likely the best option for you.

Is Vehicle Financing Right for You?

Financing a vehicle is a sensible option for anyone unwilling or unable to pay cash for a new car but want to enjoy the benefits of ownership. If you intend on driving your vehicle for more than a few years and tend to drive well over 24,000 kilometers a year, financing may be the best option for you.

Finance a Vehicle at Wallace Chevrolet

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