Why Chevrolet Trucks Have A Lock On Capability

Trucks of all shapes and sizes depend on one main factor to get the job done after day: Traction.

Whether driving on snow, ice, mud, slush, or backing down a slippery boat ramp, an automatic locking rear differential helps keep Chevrolet trucks on the straight and narrow day after day.

So, what exactly is a locking differential? It’s a seamless function that automatically locks the rear axle if one wheel starts to slip, enabling both rear tires to find purchase. It’s a system that enables Chevrolet trucks equipped with 2WD to go where many other rear-wheel drive trucks can’t, and it further enhances the capability of 4WD trucks.

Known as the G80 locking rear differential for its order code, the famed differential has helped Chevrolet trucks go where others can’t for over 40 years and millions have relied on the G80 to help get the job done.

The G80 is available on most Silverado models, and comes standard on LTZ and Z71 versions of the Silverado 1500
and Silverado 2500 and 3500 HDs
. It’s also available on the Chevrolet Colorado WT and LT models. It even comes standard on Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban

Best of all, the G80 seamlessly engages and disengages without any need for driver intervention– the G80 simply goes to work anytime slip is detected.

“There are no buttons to push or electronic settings to engage,” said Jeff Luke, executive chief engineer. “The G80 does its job instantly and quietly, so drivers can go about their job with confidence.”