Toyota Tacoma versus Chevy Colorado – Which is Best?!

If you’re searching for a new mid-size pickup you’re likely shopping the 2017 Toyota Tacoma and the 2017 Chevrolet Colorado. So…Which is the better truck? Check out our Toyota Tacoma vs Chevy Colorado test and find out below!

ROUND 1 – POWERTRAINTOYOTA TACOMA VS CHEVY COLORADO ENGINESThe Toyota Tacoma is available with two choices of powertrain (four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines), while the Chevrolet offers three engines including a segment-exclusive 2.8L Duramax diesel engine!

The new diesel engine offers both best-in-class fuel efficiency and best-in-class towing, returning up to 9.6L/100km (2WD & 4WD) and a tow rating of up to 7,700lbs! Whether it’s fuel efficiency or towing power, the Colorado takes the win!

“Although the Tacoma and Colorado are similarly rated in terms of performance, the Colorado just edges out the Tacoma. Chevrolet offers more powertrain choices in the Colorado than Toyota does in the Tacoma, and the Colorado’s are more powerful and efficient than those in the Tacoma.”



ROUND 2 – INTERIORTOYOTA TACOMA VS CHEVY COLORADO INTERIORIt’s no secret: Both trucks offer buyers a selection of new technology, easy-to-use controls, a large greenhouse for excellent visibility and various ways to connect your smartphone- but that’s about where the similarities end.

The Colorado offers a plush interior with materials, seats and a MyLink infotainment system that’s several notches above the Tacoma. The Colorado also gets a host of new technology unavailable on the Tacoma like Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, which allows smartphone users the ability to seamlessly mirror their phones on the vehicle display. From answering and receiving text messages, finding directions to nearby hotspots, playing your favourite music and more…it’s all possible with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto!

“The Chevrolet Colorado has great seats that are widely adjustable and have thigh support good enough for all-day drives. Ride comfort tends to be reasonably good, too, and these are very quiet trucks inside. On the other hand, the latest Toyota Tacoma feels a bit like it carried forth with old-style pickup cabin proportions. The driver’s seat doesn’t adjust for height or tilt, and there’s not a whole lot of headroom. Ride comfort definitely tends to be a notch or two on the busy side compared to the Chevy.”

– The Car Connection


ROUND 3 – RIDE & HANDLINGTOYOTA TACOMA VS CHEVY COLORADO RIDE & HANDLINGWhen it comes to driving dynamics these two beasts couldn’t be more different. It’s no secret the Tacoma was bred more for off-road use, and we can’t argue against its off-road prowess. If you’re more of a trail-rider than a pavement-pounder it could be the one for you. However…

The moment you hit the streets it’s clear the Chevrolet Colorado is far more at home on pavement, soaking up bumps with a smoothness normally reserved for mid-size sedans. The engine operates smoothly and the outside world is generally kept, well, outside. The reviews agree, too: The Colorado is more palatable- even downright comfortable – if you spend much of your time in the city. When it comes to Toyota Tacoma vs Chevy Colorado, this could well be the deciding factor!

“The Chevrolet Colorado has lighter, more responsive steering that feels more natural. It also rides more smoothly over bumps. The Tacoma stays flatter in corners, but its steering feels ponderously heavy and slow. The rear suspension pogos up and down over every bump, making it feel crude and almost agricultural on the road.”


TOYOTA TACOMA VS CHEVY COLORADO RIDE & PRICEFor some buyers it all comes down to one factor: price. What do you you get for the money?

In Canada, the Chevrolet Colorado starts at a reasonable $22,130 (MSRP) for a 2WD Extended Cab. Stop up to the top-of-the-line Z71 Crew Cab V6 model (4WD), with 8-inch MyLink touchscreen, 8-Speed Automatic Transmission, Remote Vehicle Start and Heated Seats, and you’ll pay $40,101 (MSRP).

Step over to the Tacoma and you’ll also shell out $29,660 for the base model 2WD Access Cab. Move up to the top-of-the-line 4×4 DoubleCab V6 Limited model, with 7-Speaker JBL Sound System, Heated Leather Seats and Blind Spot Monitoring, and you’ll shell out $45,735.

“Although the Colorado is offered for about $4,000 less than the Tacoma, you won’t lose quality by opting for the lower price tag. In fact, the Colorado offers more standard features and nicer finishes in the base model.”


By: Drew Singer
Communications Manager
Wallace Chevrolet