Top 5 Summer Driving Tips

 You might be ready to hit the open road and the summer heat, but is your car…?


1) Pump it Up
First and foremost, make sure your tires are properly inflated! Summer roads are often pocked from ice and debris and this one tip alone can help save fuel, increase ride comfort, and prevent dangerous blowouts on the road. Best of all, it’s super quick and easy!

Time: 5-10mins
                                                   Cost: $0-$1 (Some pumps are free while others cost 25 cents – $1)

2) Top Me Up
Just like the human body, your vehicle also requires proper hydration to function in the blazing summer heat. Before you head out on a trip make sure your fluid levels are properly topped-up: engine oil, windshield washer fluid, engine coolant and fuel.

Time: 10-20 minutes
                                                Cost: $15-$60 (Fluids vary based on type [synthetic vs. conventional] and container size)

3) Use a Map and Fuel App

What are two of the easiest ways to save fuel? Planning your journey for pump stops! Download a handful of map and fuel apps before you leave and find the one that suits your needs the best. 


Time: 1-15 Minutes
Cost: $0-$50 (Do you need a basic map or one that will provide altitude and up-the-minute data?)

4) Preparedness Kit
It might be warm and summery but accidents and emergencies still happen. Not to worry, once you’ve packed this simple-to-assemble car kit you’re ready for anything: A charged phone battery, flares, an orange triangle, a warm blanket (for those cold nights), a physical map (in case your phone battery is dead) and your breakdown coverage details (do you have 24-roadside coverage like OnStar?)

                                               Time: 30 minutes – a couple hours
                                               Price: Approximately $30  

5) Clean is Best

Believe it or not the best way to maximize your vehicles’ fuel economy is to clean-out debris. Weight is the enemy of fuel economy and anything you can do to minimize the amount of weight in the car will have an effect, however big or small, on your fuel economy. Do you really need the rear-seats for your next journey?

                                             Time: Approximately one hour
                                             Cost: $0-5$ (Can you use your own vacuum?)