Take A Virtual Test Drive In The 2015 GMC Canyon

GMC has unveiled a new interactive game using Google Maps, the Chevrolet Canyon and a bit of ingenuity.

The company has officially launched what it calls the “Canyon Experience,” which lets people “drive” the 2015 GMC Canyon
in four different environments: Mountains, city, shore, or rural.

Each region allows the user to add different experiences into the mix to see how the Canyon uses its strengths to cope with each region.

For example, choose ‘Mountains’ and you can pick from on-screen buttons that show how the Canyon deals with hills, downhill grades, or its seamless trailer stability. Once you choose an option the ‘Canyon Experience’ shows the truck performing the task and then tells users which technologies are at play.

Another aspect of the ‘Canyon Experience’ is the ability to drop the 2015 Canyon onto any street in the U.S. using Google Street View. Unfortunately, Canada hasn’t been added to the Canyon’s virtual map quite yet.

However, choose the ‘Street View’ option and you can literally see what the truck would look like parked on the street, as seen above.

From what we’ve seen it’s the first of its kind from an automaker and the ability to choose environments and throw various challenges at the truck is a very neat way to show off all its features. The ability to park it anywhere just adds to the fun.

The best thing? You can ‘play’ the Canyon Experience anywhere as it’s available on PC, iOS, tablets and various smartphones.

Intrigued? Take a spin
 and test out the Canyon Experience for yourself.