Silverado 2500HD out-muscles Ford F-250 in twist-test

Silverado 2500HD vs. Ford F-250 Frame Twist
It’s official: The new Silverado 2500HD employs a stronger frame than the Ford F-250 Super Duty.

How do we know this? Chevrolet hired third-party testing company AMCI testing to pit the two big rigs head-to-head and find the strongest HD truck.

The trucks were driven onto two staggered ramps, where the wheels on one side hit the ramp before the wheels on the other side, causing the frames of the trucks to flex and twist.


The company then measured the distances between the cab and the body and the wheel to the body, determining the amount of twist each truck subjected. The company found that the Silverado’s frame allowed .26 inches of twist while the F-250 allowed .94 inches, 262 per cent more than Silverado. To make matters more interesting, the F-250’s tailgate was unable to close while under twist-stress on the ramp.

“The use of high-strength steel in the Silverado HD is what allows the Silverado to handle even the toughest of jobs,” said Jeff Luke, General Motors’ executive chief engineer for full-size trucks. “Paired with a fully boxed frame, high-strength steel is what makes the Silverado come from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road.”

Roll-formed steel in the Silverado HD vs. the stamped steel bed of most competitors involves using a higher-grade steel that’s stronger, lighter and more durable. The fully boxed frame provides a rigid foundation. Still unsure? Watch the whole test right here.