Chevy Gives Us A Sneak Peak Of The 2016 Malibu: Video

We’re just weeks away from feasting our eyes on the new 2016 Chevrolet Malibu
 at the New York International Auto Show on April 1 but that hasn’t stopped Chevy from dishing out an appetizer or two.

The heavy-disguised image shows us another taste of the new vehicle but luckily Chevrolet has provided us with something far more substantial to chew on, a brief teaser video of the heavily disguised Malibu undergoing some seriously intense testing.

As you’ll see, the Malibu makes its way through a sorts of rigorous testing, including: plowing through standing water, cruising down ‘chatter bumps’, zipping down a road littered with pot-holes, withstanding intense heat, and testing in the wind tunnel.

Luckily, the yet-unseen Malibu takes it all in stride and looks capable of handling some of the worst roads imaginable.

Though we suspect Chevrolet has a few more teasers up its sleeve, we probably won’t see the whole, undisguised ninth-generation Malibu until its big unveiling in New York.

Until then, have a peak at the video here