Chevrolet Adds Theft Alarm Notifications To OnStar Services

Chevrolet customers with OnStar no longer have to worry about where their vehicle is parked, as the company is set to introduce a new theft alarm feature that allows customers to receive an instant notifications when the vehicle’s alarm is triggered. Eligible subscribers will be able to use the system this summer.

The Theft Alarm notification is the latest feature added to OnStar’s already potent suite of security features, which includes Remote Ignition Block and Stolen Vehicle Slowdown.

The new feature allows OnStar users to receive an alert through email, text message or phone if a theft attempt triggers the vehicle’s alarm, providing users with a sense of security even when their vehicle is out of view.

The new feature can be access through the OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance service, and will be available to those with a ‘Security’ or ‘Guidance’ OnStar plan. Most 2014 model year or newer vehicles equipped with OnStar can access the Stolen Vehicle Assistance feature.

“With this technology our customers now have a great chance to recover stolen property with prompt response and quick awareness of theft situation,” said Shane Peever, Chevrolet brand manager for Canada. “OnStar provides that connection to their vehicles that Chevrolet owners are looking for, allowing them to remain in contact with their vehicle, even when it is out of sight.”