What Is CarPlay? We Explain EVERYTHING!

Apple CarPlay…it’s all in the name!

What Is It?

CarPlay is a smart, safe and intuitive system that “projects” your phone and select apps onto your vehicle’s built-in touchscreen display. In other words, picture your iPhone homescreen displayed on your vehicle touchscreen!


How Do I Set It Up? 


Grab your iPhone and charging cable and your all set! No apps or downloads are necessary!
Instead, CarPlay uses USB to connect to your vehicle!

Step 1) Turn your vehicle on (or into accessory mode)
Step 2) Use the cord and connect it to your phone, then to the USB port
Step 3) Apple CarPlay should automatically launch, but if it doesn’t…
Step 4) Look for the green icon on your vehicle’s homescreen and launch the in-vehicle app!
Step 5) Your done! The connection is established and your phone is also charging, too!CLICK HERE TO SEE A LIST OF ALL THE VEHICLES THAT SUPPORT CARPLAY carplay-logo3

How Do I Use It? 

Essentially, CarPlay IS your phone…but hands-free! Use SiRi to play music, send and receive text message, make phone calls, ask about the weather, find a local restaurant…the choice is up to you!

Simply press and hold the voice-command button on your steering wheel and use SiRi as you normally might. Or, press the Home button on your touchscreen and begin talking!

Apple specifically developed the in-car system to mirror the look and feel of the iPhone, and it’s super easy to use because you already knows how an iPhone works!

Best of all, it supports more than just the Music, Messages, and Weather apps apps!  There are many other apps you use in the exact same fashion…and more are added all the time!

Here are some apps available right now: 



At Bat




iHeart Radio

How Do I know if my iPhone has CarPlay? 

Simple! Take a look at our handy chart below! Don’t see your phone? Remember you can still use Bluetooth the old fashioned way!



By: Drew Singer
Communications Manager
Wallace Chevrolet