Cadillac Drops More Details on CT6 Flagship

We’ve heard it’s in the pipeline, we know it will be revealed March 31 at the New York auto show, and we’ve even seen it teased on TV and on YouTube
(end of the video). Now Cadillac has dropped even more tidbits on its incoming CT6 flagship sedan.

Cadillac has confirmed it will utilize a mixed-material approach to achieve a lighter yet stronger structure for its new range-topping sedan.

As we suspected, Cadillac has confirmed that the CT6 will make extensive use of aluminum– 64 per cent of its body structure will be made out of the light-yet-rigid material.

The other 36 per cent if its structure will be made out of 13 different materials, each one used in specific areas to maximize fuel economy, performance, cabin quietness and driving feel.

Johan de Nysschen, Cadillac President, calls it “The rocket science of automobile construction and manufacturing today.”

“With the CT6, we used high-strength aluminum and high-strength steels; lightweight chassis components; we integrate aluminum and steel where it makes sense; we eliminate every gram of mass possible, while achieving world-class performance.”

Thanks to its mixed-material structure the CT6 is a significant 198lbs lighter than if it were made out of steel.

And it’s not just talk. Cadillac has 21 patents pending in relation to its new vehicle construction methods and material joining processes.

Stay tuned. We’ll bring you more info on the CT6 as soon as we can.