We’ve been privy to a great deal of information on the forthcoming 2016 Chevrolet Camaro
, but there are also plenty of details we’ve yet to find out.

While GM recently graced us with another dump of Camaro deets just the other day, we also came across photographs that reveal yet another design element: The key fob to the new Camaro.

The fob pictured features the usual array of buttons like lock, unlock, and an alarm, plus it also includes controls for automatic trunk release and crucially, for convertible models, a button to automatically stow the top.

Beyond the fact it’s the fob to a Camaro Convertible, we aren’t privy to any other details like the model or trim of the Camaro it’s attached to.

We’re glad Chevrolet decided to offer the new Camaro with its own unique fob, instead of opting for Cruze-key offered with the current Camaro.

Sure, a key fob probably isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but an original key (at least in its appearance) is a constant reminder to drivers that they are behind the wheel of something special.

It’s sharp looking piece of metal and plastic and one we definitely wouldn’t mind keeping in our pockets all day.

The question is, how do Camaro fans feel about it? Tell us what you think of the new Camaro Six key fob below!